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Healthy Climate

Healthy Climate PureAir Air Purification System

Healthy Climate PureAir Air Purification System

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(This can only be used if you have a Healthy Climate PureAir Air Purification System)

(We recommend a PCO filter change at least once each year in March (right before the beginning of cooling season). For DIRTY environments or most efficient filtration, you may need to change filters more often... do monthly visual checks for the first few months.)

The PureAir Annual Maintenance Kit replacement performs equal to or better than original equipment performance. It delivers up to 95% efficiency on 0.3 micron and larger particles, effectively reducing dust accumulation on household furniture. The unique face board design lowers initial static pressure, which keeps your system's blower running at peak efficiency. This system also removes over 90% of bioaerosols ranging in size down to .01 micron, and removes and destroys approximately 50% of household odors and chemical vapors as well as ozone (a known lung irritant).

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