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Honeywell Weatherstripping Doorsets and Doorsweeps

Honeywell Weatherstripping Doorsets and Doorsweeps

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(We recommend checking the weatherstripping around your doors every three years. You should always contact your WeatherizationPRO Home Performance Contractor to come to your home and test for air leakage using their blower door, infrared camera, and other diagnostic equipment. They can then help you determine if your door weatherstripping needs to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced. Typically, it is best to replace weatherstripping every three years.) 

The Honeywell EnovatePRO Doorset and Doorsweep weatherization products are manufactured from the finest quality aluminum and Qlon materials. They have been designed to reduce air leakage and energy loss through your doors that lead from your house to the outside or unconditioned areas (as between your house and garage). Keeping your doors properly air sealed also reduces infiltration of dust, bugs, pollens and other outdoor contaminants.

Our door weatherstripping package includes all the Honeywell EnovatePRO items needed to weatherstrip a 7.0’ tall by 3.0’ wide, standard door. Included are one (1) Aluminum / Qlon doorset, one (1) “brush-type” aluminum doorsweep, and one (1) tube of low odor caulk.

*Since this product is very bulky to ship, shipping costs will be determined and you will be contacted with final costs of your order including shipping and handling costs.



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